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Duratia 60mg Tablet (Dapoxetine)


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What Is Duratia 60?

Duration 60 is a medication for men that can potentially help them have sex longer. Have you ever heard of the condition of premature ejaculation occurring in males? Are you a sufferer of PE yourself?

Well in that case reading the rest of this article is going to provide some really valuable information for you.

In this article, we are going to share about a Fildena Professional 100 Mg named Duratia 60 mg which cures premature ejaculation fast within minutes.

Duratia 60 corresponds to the 60mg dose of the brand name Duratia. Its use comes to help you in cases where you have premature ejaculation. The medium strength dose can come in handy and give you a long-lasting time to have sex and then culminate with a climaxing ejaculation completing all your sexual fantasies.

How To Use Duratia 60?

Duration 60 has only one purpose for use in males. And that is the condition known as PE. Now, talking about the disorder itself, PE is a condition that may occur mostly in old age men. Chances of PE gradually increase as males tend to age. However, the disorder may also crop up due to several other existing disorders.

To put an end to your small ejaculation time have a pill of Duratia which gives you much better control over ejaculation.

But wait, don’t buy the pills just yet. Remember that you will an authentication from the doctors to buy and use the medicine. generic Dapoxetine which we are going to talk about in more depth is the generic substance contained in the pills.

What Are The Benefits Of Duratia 60?

Surely if you want to subscribe yourself to using a daily medicine of Duratia 60 you would want to know more about how the medicine becomes useful to you.

So we are going to check out the benefits of Duratia 60 in this section.

Duratia medicines provide you with better control over when you want to ejaculate. The remedy of the pills is brought on by the enzymatic changing behavior wherein it acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor agent.

Being able to stay and increase serotonin hormones produces sensation in your nerve cells to have better control over your ejaculation.

The Directions For Use Are As Follows:

Suppose the doctors recommend you to use Duratia if need be. So how should you use it? of course, the doctors are going to prescribe how to use the medicines but a few tips may certainly help beforehand.

Using the medicine comes with orally swallowing a pill rather than chewing or crushing it. take any more than a single medicine and you are bound to find yourself under the harmful effects of the medicine which may make you suffer from long-lasting and painful side effects.

We also recommend giving up your alcoholic and Fildena Double 200mg Tablet -using habits before using the medicines. Any high-producing agent may contraindicate with the generic substance of the medicine is Dapoxetine giving rise to side effects.

Side Effects Of Duratia 60

So, as we mentioned above it is mostly the wrong election of your daily dose that may produce some side effects. But remember that if you have to get confirmation from the doctors that you don’t have any allergic tendencies with the use of the generic Dapoxetine medicines.

Other than this another possibility of having side effects is also valid, especially during the first few days of you taking the dose.

Some of the side effects of Duratia 60 include

Dry mouth
Numbness in the hands and feetSleep disorders such as insomnia
It is only the doctors whom you need to contact upon any show up of these side effects. Remember that at once more than one side effect may creep in as well.

Dosage Of Duratia 60

Let us find out more about the dosage of Duratia 60. As the dose name corresponds to each pill of the brand will have a dose of 60mg generic Dapoxetine.

But if the doctors think that the 60mg dose turns out to be too high for you, they may also recommend using a smaller variation of the dose such as the 30mg dose. And even for severe PE condition patients who don’t find actual remedy with the use of either the Duratia 30 or the 60mg medicines, there is an even higher dose of Duratia 90 mg which may help you.


Let us find out about the overdose condition and what may happen if the presence of Dapoxetine is beyond what you can tolerate.

So yes, here you will mostly have side effects. Remember taking in a higher dose does not contribute in any way rather than bringing more severe side effects.

Miss Dose

Don’t forget to take your pills regularly each day, at the same time.

A Guide To Safety

To be away from any side effects, you have to adhere to precautions. Here we are going to have a look at some of the basic ones.

Alcohol we said above makes you high and may thus contribute to producing side effects especially those such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.

PregnancyThis medicine is only for curing male sexual conditions. Hence females should not use it.

Breastfeeding the medicine if you are a female.

Driving Generally while driving you need concentration and focus. With ED pills intake and having side effects such as headache, dizziness puts you at high risk of encountering an accident.

Liver Patients who have severe liver disorders may not be prescribed the use of Duratia 60.

Kidney patients need to be on high alert as the use of generic Dapoxetine is generally not prescribed under such conditions.

ChildrenAvoid the use of medicine if you are below 18.

Interactions With Medicines

The medicine may have some contraindications producing results with some medicinal agents. You need to be wary of all your OTC and prescription medicines. It’s better if you talk with the doctors.

Precautions And Warning

Never should you take medicine with alcohol.
Avoid putting yourself to side effects with a higher dose.
Speak about the side effects you are suffering from to the doctors. Don’t suppress them.
No boys who have not turned 18 yet should use the pills.


Storage of the medicine needs a place in your house that is devoid of any sunlight with temperatures under 30 degrees Celsius and a preferably low humid environment.

Faqs :

What are the other doses of generic Dapoxetine?

Other than the 60mg dose mentioned here you can find two more variants of the brand. These include the 30mg and the 60mg dose.

Does Dapoxetine have any FDA-approved brand?

Yes, the FDA recommends using the Priligy brand which has been approved by the  governing body.

What to do if having side effects?

Call the doctor in case of mild side effects or else visit them if anything severe is occurring.

Where to buy the medicines?

To buy you can check out the online  medipills24 websites or else buy from a store in your locality.


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