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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We are one dependable online pharmacy  store whose primary goal is to give 100% fulfillment to all clients. Satisfying every one of the sets of clients and keeping up with conveyance plan. At the point when a client submits a request for the item and gives a specific item that the client requires and utilizes the client data to convey items. There could constantly be a justification for why a client or seller could need to drop their separate requests. We, subsequently, keep our cancellation policy adaptable for them.


Our cancellation policy is appropriate in the following circumstances:


Restrictions of quantity available for purchase


Assuming the amount of the item which the client has requested is less or a load of that specific item is inaccessible to us, then, at that point, this cancellation policy will be pertinent.


Disputes and complaints


If there should be an occurrence of any debate, we suggest reaching out to our Customer Support group quickly with the goal that our group might stretch out help to track down a reasonable arrangement.


Non-availability of stock


On the off chance that any item requested is inaccessible, the request cancellation policy will be material.


Unpaid order


We advance no neglected request.


Cancellation by customer


A client can start to drop a request before it was handled, Once the request will be delivered, it will be impossible to drop the request as we are utilizing one-way benefits. In any case, we generally value a valid justification for such cancellation.


Non-receipt of payment

Non-receipt of installment from the client\’s side is viewed as the cancellation of the request.


Complete dissatisfaction

If the client isn\’t happy with the item sold by us, they can answer to our Customer Care group. On the off chance that our Customer Care can\’t determine the issue, it will broaden a total substitution or return of the cash.

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