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Super P Force 160mg Tablet (Sildenafil/Dapoxetine)


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A Brief Description Of Super P Force

Super P Force is a combination of familiar elements with medicinal blessings which includes the truth that it can cut down all problems to your erectile dysfunctional and untimely ejaculating inclinations.

The appropriate element approximately using these Super P Force pills is that in case if you have two problems concurrently, it’s miles all curable the use of an unmarried medicinal drug.

Super P Force abilties in erections occur because of the presence of established Sildenafil within the drugs and the curing results of untimely ejaculation are added on because of the presence of the widely widespread substance Dapoxetine inside the medicines.

Each dose taken in will have effects both on harder erections and sustainably lengthy ejaculation time lasting anywhere up to 6 hours submit taking in the meds.

A cautious management of the capsules is a should following the dosage precautions of the medical doctor as a likely higher consumption of either of these time-honored elements can also bring about health adversaries within the shape of many facet effects. These should vary from slight signs and symptoms inclusive of a moderate headache, or nausea to a few severe ones as well inclusive of chest ache and a fall in blood pressure causing the patient to pass out.

Use Of Super P Force

The first component to notice about using the medicines is that you want to be identified with both situations of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The 2nd issue to don’t forget for using the Super P Force drugs is that it requires a physician’s approval as a way to use the drugs frequently.

Using Super P Force 160mg allows you only to set up the effects of penile hardening and curing untimely ejaculation dispositions to closing for some hours so long as the actions of each familiar drug treatment are found in your body.

Working Of Super P Force

It is time for us to test out the steps of operating for Sildenafil and Dapoxetine.

Sildenafil’s movements permit inhibiting the action of PDE-five hormones and establishing the consequences of vasodilation and ultimately making inflicting the penis to receive miles better blood float delivery that makes it touchy to touches and subsequently getting an erection.

On the other hand, Dapoxetine encompasses growing the stages of serotonin hormone acting as an SSRI agent to present you higher management over your ejaculations.

What Are The Super P Force Side Effects?

Super P Force movements may also now and then reason problems with inflicting diverse aspect consequences which may additionally vary from slight ones to extremely extreme ones. The milder facet outcomes of the medication encompass headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and so forth.

Other than this, excessive facet outcomes also consist of blurred imagination and prescience, priapism, listening to issues, decreased libido, chest pain, palpitations, feeling of numbness within the arms, and so forth.

Super P Force: How To Take It?

The process to manage the Super P Force drugs is to swallow them at once. Medicinal consumption is best allowable with water and should be prevented in opposition to every other shape of intake.

Another critical issue to consider is to take your drug treatments at the same time after which in a while a plan for having sexual activities.

The Dosage Of Super P Force

Now, allow us to check out the dosage information for the outstanding p pressure drugs. Each dosage will have a presence of particular dosage of Sildenafil which is 100mg and a dose of 60mg of widely widespread dapoxetine it. In higher doses Extra Super P Force is available.

Both the quantities corresponding to the time-honored factors constitute an standard medium dose which can be appropriate for patients with a slight to moderate stage of severity of both issues.


As we told you above, overdosing on either of the 2 popular elements may additionally be degenerating your health as it can cause side consequences. In case you are seeing the signs of an overdose and having such side consequences, then without delay you ought to discuss with the medical doctors.

Missed Dose

Missing out on a dose may cause troubles with both problems and experiencing the equal trouble you had before even as having sex. This is because the actions of the medication are handiest lasting temporarily for a short time.

Directions For Use

The guidelines for the use of the drugs encompass a few critical standards and matters to bear in mind for the patients as we have given under.

Timing of dosage:

Timing the dosage is extremely crucial to avoid lacking out on the outcomes of the tablets. Generally, super p pressure tablets can be a great deal more constant with their results whilst you maintain a regular everyday timing of getting the dose.

Using frequency:

Whether you are affected by a mild degree of ED or untimely ejaculation or any extreme times of it, it does not count number. You have to make sure to take the tablets at least as soon as every day but no greater.

Taking with Food:

You may go on together with your normal eating regimen with the consumption of the Super P Force Pills. It does not need you to be beneath a selected weight loss program for the length you’re in to complete the path. The handiest thing that can be barred all through the time of intake of the Super P Force tablets will be grape juice.

Dosage Adjustment:

Adjusting to the dosage may take a bit of time say a couple of days within which you can additionally experience side outcomes. But most of these may be mildly taking place. In case of any severe issues occurring here, you need to get in contact with the doctors.

Interactions of Super P Force

Interactions of these drug treatments can emerge as viable with all types of addictive issues such as the use of alcohol, pills, or even grape juice.

Apart from this, you will also need to be cautious of a few drugs that can also display viable facet effects with the consumption of Super P Force drugs. These paths encompass different ED or premature ejaculation prevention tablets, drugs able to showcase alpha-blocker or protease inhibitor inclinations, and so forth.

Needed Precautions While Consuming Super P Force

Precaution following is a need to keep away from any of the feasible terrible aspects of using the Super P Force drugs. You must make sure to have taken in the drugs on time following the agenda which is about via the docs.

Keep aside all your addictive issues for appropriately averting the aspect effects.

Other General Warnings

Generally, the Super P Force a hundred and sixty mg moves can shape best males. Use for women may additionally bring about a number of the maximum excessive effects of using the medication. Also, the minimal age advice is between 18 to 64 years so you ought to be careful approximately that as well.

Storage Of Super P Force

Storage of the medicines needs a perfect temperature and conciliation from sunlight.

Faqs :

Can you take more than one pill of Super P Force per day?

No, one dose is enough for a day.

Where can you Buy Super P Force?

Buy Super p force both in medicine shops and online pharmacies like medipills24

How long does Super P Force last?

Super P-Force pills have a maximal impact in 1-2 hours for premature ejaculation.


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