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Term & Condition

Medipills24 only allows the purchase of medicines for personal consumption. We do not entertain the sale of any product on this website for commercial activity of any kind.
Almost all the medicines we list on our website for sale are manufactured by Indian pharmacies and few from different countries. All these medicines strictly adhere to FDA and WHO standards. Please note that the place of manufacture is mentioned on the packaging of the medicine.
Medipills24 has all the rights to modify or change the rules and regulations to listen to the website. Users are advised to stay updated with the content mentioned on the website.
Medipills24 does not allow any user to shop from the website in the absence of a certified doctor’s prescription. It is wise and mandatory to consult your physician before consuming any kind of medicinal product.
All the generic drugs produced by the Indian pharmacies are approved by the patent brand of the drugs. All the standards, no matter in which country the drugs are produced, match the institutional guidelines.
We advise the buyers to keep the printed transcript of the order and the bill with them so as to avoid any complication during the delivery process.
Once the buyer makes the purchase and completes the process involved, the credit card will immediately be billed. A verification e-mail is sent instantly on the registered email account of the customer. We inform you that Medipills24 doesn’t execute the delivery within 24 hours so as to benefit the customers with the freedom to cancel or modify the order.
We hereby inform our users that all the personal details submitted to us during the registration process are by full consent of the user.
If you have shopped with us in the past, your last shipping address will be the default shipping address of all your present and future orders. Customers can always modify the address while shopping with us.
The prices of the medicines can vary in unconventional situations due to factors beyond the control of Medipills24.
Medipills24 in any given circumstance does not allow the sale of narcotic or controlled substance.



We and our representatives bear no obligation regarding any medications bought from our site. It is, thusly, the full liability of the client to have an interview with the specialist prior to purchasing prescriptions from our foundation.

All pictures of items accessible on the site are with the end goal of reference as it were. The bundling or item available to be purchased may contrast from pictures.

All costs recorded on the medications are dependent on future developments at our carefulness

This site saves every one of the privileges to decline clients and drop the request with next to no earlier notification or reason. A full discount to the client will be made in the event that orders have been paid for.

The data on prescriptions given on the site is to reference as it were. The medications ought to constantly be taken according to the remedy of the clinical experts.


After submitting a request on our site, you will be approached to give your own data. In any case, this site keeps up with SSL encryption innovation which is utilized for your wellbeing. This innovation will run all through before your own data goes through the web. Consequently, this implies that individual data given by you will continuously stay secure and nobody would have the option to take individual data including the subtleties of your Mastercard/check card given by you.

Comments and feedback

You are consistently free to place remarks and criticism in terms of our administration. You can leave us a remark whenever with respect to our protection strategy. You can contact us by means of email and we will hit you up within the specified time span.

Shipping Policy/orders

Each request set engages a transportation charge that would be founded on the heaviness of the medication and the size of the bundling. You are expected to permit us a period of 7 work days to send your request. We likewise convey orders early on generally speaking.


Transporting rates and approaches given by us can change whenever, regardless of giving you an earlier notification. Consequently, it is prescribed to continuously keep yourself refreshed about the paces of the drugs that you discharge. It is vital to specify that this organization just ships items to all locations.

Shipping address

The default shopping address will be considered as one that you utilized on the last request that you had a spot with us. You will actually want to change this transportation address at the hour of looking. Any progressions so made will not influence the current request that you have set. The drug that you are getting from us will stay in its conventional structure.

Custom Delays

This site isn’t answerable for any sort of postponements for products on the way to you. You acknowledge that request has been set into your nation and any postpones brought about by the Government’s Customs Department or by conveyance administration will be unchangeable as far as we might be concerned.

Custom Charges

We acknowledge that you will be mentioned to make installment of customs charges for all merchandise that you are probably going to import. These charges will be straightforwardly payable by you to your Customs Department separately.Medipills24

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