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Arkamin 100 Mg Tablet (Clonidine)



About Arkamin 100 mcg

100 Mcg Arkamin helps alter excessive blood stress and other coronary heart and blood-associated troubles.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals manufactures Arkamin 100 Mcg.

Arkamin 100 mcg incorporates an active salt called Clonidine HCI, which helps lower blood pressure ranges.

Arkamin 100 mcg Uses

Using Arkamin 100 mcg can reduce excessive blood pressure and other heart and blood vessel-associated headaches.

High blood strain, also referred to as Hypertension, is a not unusual illness.

Hypertension is induced when blood vessels have a continuous high or raised blood. This may additionally sooner or later cause heart diseases and different headaches.

Arkamin 100 mcg relaxes blood vessels and enables the heart to feature nicely.

How does 100 mcg Arkamin work?

Arkamin Tablet is an alpha-2 agonist.

The lively ingredient in Arkamin 100 mcg is clonidine HCl, which reduces blood strain by using lowering precise molecules inside the blood.

100 mcg Arkamin permits the coronary heart to beat step by step and smoothly and the blood vessels to loosen up.

Side outcomes

Most of the side results of 100 mcg of Arkamin do no longer require scientific interest and can in the end disappear whilst the body adjusts to the Tadarise 60mg Tablet.

Some of the commonplace side outcomes consist of:

Dizziness and fatigue
Drop in blood stress with surprising status

Arkamin 100 mcg Dosage

People with excessive blood stress are recommended Arkamin 100 mcg in one-of-a-kind strengths.

Arkamin 100 mcg comes in various strengths and can be fed on only consistent with the medical doctor’s recommendation.

It might be quality to devour a whole Sildisoft 100mg Tablet of an Arkamin 100 mcg with a glassful of water without crushing or breaking it.

You can devour Arkamin 100 mcg of drugs without or with meals.

Do not double the dose if you have missed it.

It isn’t always endorsed for humans below 18 years of age.


Drugs Interactions

You have to avoid taking 100 mcg of Arkamin with a few medications as it is able to engage with them, which incorporates:


Disease Interactions

If you have any sicknesses and problems, you should tell your doctor earlier than eating Arkamin 100 mcg. You have to avoid ingesting this drug while you are tormented by:

Heart disorder
Liver or Kidney ailment
Low blood pressure

Food Interactions

You need to avoid eating Arkamin 100 mcg with the subsequent food items:

High salt food regimen
High-fat eating regimen


As this medicine makes you experience sleepy and dizzy, keep away from driving and engaging in tasks that name for your alertness.

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should talk to their docs before taking Arkamin 100 mcg.


100 mcg Arkamin ought to be stored in a cool, dry, intact space.


030 tablets, 060 tablets, 090 tablets


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