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Acivir DT 800mg Tablet (Acyclovir)



About Acivir 800 mg

Acivir 800 mg is a medicine used to deal with infections due to viruses.

Its energetic constituent, Acyclovir, is an amazing remedy for assuaging the symptoms and signs and symptoms of viral infections and ailments.

Cipla Limited produces this pharmaceutical.

Acivir 800 mg Uses

Acivir 800 mg therapies ailments because of certain varieties of viruses.

Acyclovir, its number one salt, treatment plans, and controls viral infections.

These infections encompass Influenza, HIV, and Pneumonia.

Additionally, this medication is taken to deal with outbreaks of Genital Herpes.

Working of Acivir 800 mg

Acivir 800 mg is primarily composed of Acyclovir salt.

It inhibits viral DNA polymerase by functioning further to deoxyGuanosine Triphosphate (dGTP).

When Acyclovir gets introduced to DNA, the chain breaks, preventing additional nucleosides from joining.

It adheres to viral DNA polymerase far better than its cellular counterpart.

It outcomes in an excessive healing ratio.

Eventually, it reduces the symptoms of viral infections notably.

Dosage of Acivir 800 mg

Depending in your medical doctor’s instructions, you can take this remedy orally, without or with meals.

As a preferred exercise, it could be taken anywhere from twice to 5 times daily.

Keep your frame hydrated enough whilst the use of this medicinal drug.

Use it as directed by your doctor at the earliest indication of an epidemic for maximum effectiveness.

The effectiveness of treatment may additionally decrease with delay.

Consistent dosing of Acyclovir is vital for the most efficient efficacy.

You have to take your doses of Acivir 800 mg at everyday durations.

Take it at the same time each day if that will help you don’t forget to take it.

Don’t prevent taking it until the entire amount has been used completely.

There need to be no adjustments in your dosage, no ignored doses, and no early treatment stopping without first consulting your medical doctor.

If your symptoms don’t enhance or get worse, contact your physician.


Acyclovir is the number one aspect of the Acivir 800 mg medication.

The amount of Acyclovir this is administered in this variant is 800 mg.

Acivir is to be had in numerous other strengths, the maximum not unusual of that’s Acivir four hundred mg.

Additionally, you may use Acivir Cream five gm for utility purposes.

Side Effects

The blessings can triumph over any possible adverse results if Acivir 800 mg is used carefully.

However, common detrimental reactions encompass:

Unsteady motion
Problems with speech
Rapid shifts in temper
Impairment of the Kidneys
Extreme aspect consequences are feasible with the Vilafinil 200 Mg, but they’re uncommon. These consist of:

Frequent fatigue
Discoloration, particularly within the eyes or pores and skin
Hurting belly
Reactions due to hypersensitive reactions
The unexpected lack of eyesight
You should right now contact your medical doctor in case you’re experiencing intense facet outcomes.


Acivir 800 mg may additionally once in a while intrude with positive medicinal drugs, ailments, and meals.

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions may additionally alter the efficacy of your remedies.

The following drugs may additionally engage with Acivir 800:

NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medicines)
Therefore, inform your physician in case you consume these drug treatments.

Disease Interactions

Acivir 800 mg may have extreme aspect outcomes when you have positive conditions, which include:

Renal impairment
Avoid using Acivir in case you are taking medication for the following conditions.

Reach out for clinical help if the circumstance persists.

Food Interactions

Certain ingredients may interact negatively with this medicine.

Therefore, you must keep away from consuming the following alongside Acivir 800 mg:

Additionally, see your physician if you revel in damaging reactions to other meals.

In the event of an emergency, communicate together with your health practitioner.


If you have got an present kidney situation, you may not be able to do away with this Extra Super Vidalista efficiently. It ought to enhance the drug’s attention in the body and motivate additional extreme consequences
There were reports of unfavorable responses to Acyclovir. Consult your health practitioner in case you experience any allergic signs
Consult your practitioner if you are pregnant or foresee getting pregnant
Inform your health practitioner if you are lactating. You may also need to decide between ending breastfeeding and discontinuing this medicine
This medication has not been studied in youngsters younger than two years. Therefore, they should not consume it


You need to store Acivir 800 mg at room temperature.

Keep it at a temperature between 15 and 25 stages Celsius.

Limit its publicity to mild. Do no longer preserve it in damp areas like toilets or kitchens.

Faqs : 

How many times a day should I take Acyclovir 800mg?

You can consume Acivir 800 mg two to five times a day.

However, the exact dosage depends on your condition’s severity.

For the same reason, consult your physician.

What are the side effects of Aciclovir 800mg?

After consuming Aciclovir 800mg, one can experience common side effects like dizziness, unsteady motion, drowsiness, and difficulty speaking.

In rare cases, symptoms can turn severe, such as unconsciousness, discoloration of eyes & skin, and allergic reactions.

Can you take 800 mg of Acyclovir twice a day?

Yes. Although your exact dosage depends on the severity of your condition.

Hence, before consuming Acivir 800 mg, first, consult your doctor.

What should I avoid while taking Acyclovir?

Certain drugs and food items may interact with Acyclovir. These include:

Drugs: NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medications) and multivitamins
Food: Alcohol and tobacco

Hence, you should avoid them.

What is the most common side effect of Acyclovir?

The most common side effects of Acyclovir include drowsiness and dizziness.

Does Acyclovir affect kidneys?

In extreme cases, Yes.

If taken unconsciously, Acyclovir (Acivir 800mg) may adversely affect kidneys, leading to their impairment.


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