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Januvia 100mg Tablet (Sitagliptin)




About the drug

Januvia 100 mg is composed of Sitagliptin as the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. It is typically used alone or in combination with other drugs followed by a strict eating regimen and physical workout routine for the remedy of kind 2 diabetes. Januvia is available in the shape of oral pills and injections. Oral pills of Januvia are to be had within the energy of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Januvia 100 mg is without difficulty to be had within the clinical shops as well as various online pharmacy platforms. The brands equal to this available in the US markets are :


About salt of the drug

Sitagliptin is a salt which shows the therapeutic effect to deal with type 2 diabetes. It features by means of inhibiting the enzyme which is responsible for destroying the Glucose affecting hormones of the blood. Thus the boom awareness of these hormones are improved with the aid of Januvia and the motion of the hormones is prolonged resulting in strong blood glucose tiers. Januvia 100 mg tablet is used for the remedy of the following clinical conditions :

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Medical Uses of the drug
Januvia 100 mg I used to treat the medical condition of :

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is associated with signs and symptoms like excessive blood glucose tiers, insulin resistance, and low manufacturing of insulin

Working of a drug

Januvia 100 mg is used for the remedy of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus either in monotherapy or in combination remedy with another remedy. It acts by lowering the blood glucose tiers by inhibiting an enzyme. The enzyme inhibits glucose-regulating hormones for this reason inflicting imbalance in Glucose ranges in the blood. Januvia 100 mg inhibits the enzyme and allows to repair the ordinary blood glucose degrees. It also increases the level of insulin formation from the pancreas and regulates the glucose metabolism for each fasting and postmeal situation.

Side outcomes

The treatment with Januvia 100 mg are related with the manifestation of few side effects. These aspect results can range from individual to person depending on the severity of the circumstance and several different factors. The common aspect effects located are :

Infection of the upper respiration tract
Inflammation of the throat and nasal passages
Vision is blurred
Sense of bewilderment
Sore throat
These are aspect results are not unusual and for a shorter duration of time whilst undergoing remedy with Januvia 100 mg. But if any of these symptoms of side effects prevails for an extended time period, it is really useful to tell a doctor as quickly as feasible.

How to use

Januvia 100 mg ought to be taken handiest below the consultation and supervision of the health practitioner
The trendy dose of Januvia 100 mg which is usually recommended by the doctor is one pill frequently
The pill may be taken either with food or with out food depending at the situation of your blood sugar level and the advocate of your health practitioner
The tablet is interested in a pitcher of water and swallowed completely without being beaten or chewed
A strict weight-reduction plan and regular exercising is essential to observe to preserve the blood glucose ranges at the same time as

taking Januvia 100 mg

The tablet must be saved well in a fab and dry region
Drugs that are recognized to engage with this medicinal drug
Interaction among drugs is common while two or more drugs are taken concurrently that react with each other. These drug interaction reactions can be harmful. Some capsules which are known to have interaction with Januvia 100 mg are :

Collagen peptide
Escitalopram oxalate

When to avoid taking the drug

Januvia 100 mg should not be prescribed to individuals who are stricken by the subsequent situations like :

Hypersensitivity to Sitagliptin

Diabetic ketoacidosis which is a critical diabetic condition wherein an extra quantity of blood acids or ketones is produced
Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Disease of pancreas
Serious kidney problem
Alcohol dependancy
Things to avoid whilst the use of the drug
intake of positive meals profi and drinks need to be avoided at the same time as present process treatment with Januvia 100 mg like

Alcohol : If alcohol is consumed while a person is taking Januvia 100 mg, excessive damaging outcomes can be seen
Tobacco: The consumption of tobacco needs to also be avoided as it is able to result into side results, worsening the situation

General Information and Precautions

Januvia 100 mg is a extraordinarily effective and robust drug and ought to be taken most effective after consultation with a physician
Januvia 100 mg pill isn’t always prescribed for kids or adults who’re beneath the age of 18 years
Januvia 100 mg pill is not known to remedy type 2 diabetes but it is used to keep and alter the everyday insulin and blood glucose ranges
Januvia 100 mg should no longer be serious about any other random medicinal drug even supposing it is used to treat the same situation
The tablet have to not be taken in greater than the prescribed dose as it is able to result in intense facet outcomes
Along with the medicine of Januvia 100 mg, a strict weight loss program and ordinary exercise are essential to keep the blood glucose ranges


Pregnancy: Januvia 100 mg pill is taken into consideration to be safe for use all through pregnancy as it does not have an effect on the fetus adversely
Lactation: The lactating moms can effectively use Januvia 100 mg drugs as the drug no longer passes into the breast milk
Driving and managing machinery: If the blood sugar stage is high or low the it isn’t always normally safe to pressure. Blurred vision and confusion can be experienced whilst remedying with Januvia and this riding or dealing with machines that need alert senses should be prevented
Children or kids: Januvia 100 mg has to no longer be used for kids or adults who are underneath 18 years of age
Kidney characteristic: Januvia 100 mg tablet should be used with warning in sufferers laid low with any type of liver sicknesses


Januvia 100 mg pill must be kept out of sight of youngsters and pets animals
The blister p.C. Of tablet should be saved far away from direct heat and sunlight
It needs to be saved away from feasible exposure to moisture
The tablet must no longer be thrown away, if expired it ought to be destroyed nicely


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