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Glycomet 1000mg Tablet (Metformin Hcl)



About the brand name of the drug

Glycomet 1000mg (Metformin HCl) acts as an antidiabetic agent used for lowering the excessive blood glucose ranges within the frame, synthetic via USV, India. It is administered within the shape of the. It is used for treating kind II diabetes. It is used to control excessive blood sugar. It is helpful in decreasing or minimizing the dangers related to diabetes and headaches associated with it like blindness, stroke, heart attack, and kidney damage.

About the drug

The active pharmaceutical aspect in Glycomet 1000 mg is Metformin HCl. It is to have dosage strengths like 150 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000mg. It is easily to be had at offline pharmacies, online pharmacies, and drug stores. The prescription is mandatory earlier than purchasing the medication. It is used for the remedy of Diabetes. It offers higher results whilst concerned about proper diet.

Some other manufacturers equal to Glycomet 1000mg (Metformin HCl) inside the USA are:

• Glucophage

About salt of the drug

Metformin HCl is answerable for decreasing of excess glucose degrees inside the frame. It comes under the elegance of P Force Fort 150mg Tablet referred to as Biguanides. It decreases the resistance towards insulin (insulin sensitizer) and is additionally answerable for the reduction of the plasma fasting stages of insulin. It lowers the blood glucose tiers without this leading to hypoglycemia. It is the drug of desire in case of diabetes mellitus II.

Metformin acts by way of lowering glucose manufacturing by the liver, via decreasing the intestinal absorption of glucose and by way of enhancing insulin sensitivity by means of increasing glucose uptake and utilization peripherally.

Medical Uses of the drug

Glycomet 1000 mg drug is used for the remedy of:

• Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Working of a drug

Glycomet 1000 mg is an antidiabetic agent beneath the elegance of drug Biguanides. It is used to reduce blood glucose in sufferers with type 2 diabetes. It indicates its hobby by way of reducing the quantity of glucose produced by using the liver. It is also answerable for maintaining the amount of glucose that is to be launched by the liver within the frame. In this way it lowers the blood glucose stages in the body, therefore, helping human beings tormented by diabetes mellitus II.

Side effects

The use of Glycomet 1000 mg is typically secure and has only a few aspect effects, but it is able to result in some other side outcomes primarily based on the affected person’s attractiveness:

• Nausea

• Irregular heart price

• Abdominal Pain

• Lactic acidosis

• Tiredness

• respiration issues

• Vomiting

• Weakness

• Diarrhoea

• Sleepiness

• Stomach pain

• Headache

• Confusion


• Faster coronary heart fee

• Hypoglycemia

• Chest discomfort

• Swollen joints

• Dizziness

• Belching

• Heartburn

• Runny nostril

If the above facet consequences persist continuously then the patient ought to are looking for scientific attention right away.

How to apply

Glycomet 1000 mg is a prescription-simplest drug that is to be administered precisely in the equal way as prescribed by way of the doctor. All the instructions directed by the physician must be accompanied. The following instructions must be kept in mind:

The tablet should be taken as a whole. Do not chew, ruin or weigh down it.
The dosage regimen must be strictly accompanied and often
The medicinal drug must be all in favor of food so as to avoid nausea and a disillusioned stomach.S
As directed via the Doctor, the dose and period of the medication need to be strictly followed
It is not advised to skip a dose of medicine. If the dose is skipped do not take more than one dose on the same time
It shows better activity whilst it is occupied with a proper food plan and normal workout.
Drugs that are recognized to have interaction with this remedy
Drug interactions are very not unusual when two or more pills are taken together. Some strong drugs that can engage with Glycomet 1000mg are-

• Avoid the medication if you are already on other antidiabetic tablets

• It ought to not be keen on Antihypertensive tablets like furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide as it could result in a growth in blood glucose tiers

• Avoid concurrent use of Glycomet with Nifedipine because it will increase the levels of metformin within the frame

• Cannot be administered with drugs used for the treatment of glaucoma (Acetazolamide) as the possibility of inflicting lactic acidosis is high

• Cannot be administered with Phenytoin and Phenothiazine as it reduces the impact of metformin

• Avoid Glycomet with corticosteroids as it is able to lower the effectiveness of the drug

• It need to not be administered with drugs like isoniazid, and the medicine used for thyroid as each of these tablets decreases the impact of Glycomet.

• It reasons slight reactions with Amlodipine, Estradiol and Aloe vera

• It reasons severe aspect results with Gatifloxacin

When to keep away from taking the drug

Avoid taking the drugs if the patient is allergic to the drugs.
Avoid its usage if the affected person is suffering from cardiovascular ailment
It should now not be taken if the man or woman is affected by diabetic ketoacidosis
It isn’t advocated if the patient is having kidney or liver diseases
If you’re having episodes of hypoglycemia the drug should be generally avoided until until essential
It is to be strictly averted if the person goes for an imaging procedure because the possibilities of prevalence of lactic acidosis are high
It is to be avoided if someone is to go through surgical operation
Things to keep away from whilst using the drug
When taking Glycomet 1000mg (Metformin HCl) keep away from consumption of:

Alcohol- Consuming alcohol with Metformin HCl is precisely now not cautioned it is able to result in intense aspect results
Do not forestall the medication in between the treatment even whilst you experience completely healthful without withconsulting your medical doctor
Avoid taking Glycomet in case you are affected by any kind of Liver diseases
Avoid taking Glycomet in case you are suffering from kidney diseases

General Information and Precautions

• The medication need to be protected from the attain of kids.

• Inform the medical doctor about your medical history


• Alcohol- Consumption of alcohol with Glycomet should be strictly averted as it leads to excessive facet effects

• Pregnancy- The medicinal drug isn’t endorsed in case of pregnant ladies

• Driving – It isn’t secure to consume it earlier than using or the usage of machines. This is the Zudena 100mg Tablet may cause the patient dizzy. Avoid it until you are absolutely alert.

• Lactation- the medication is generally no longer endorsed at some point of lactation


Glycomet 1000mg pills should be saved far away from the attain of youngsters
It should be saved at room temperature
Special care has to be taken for the safety of the drug towards moisture and mild
It should be protected from warmness
It should be stored in an airtight container
Do not use this medicine after it expires


030 tablets, 060 tablets, 090 tablets


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