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Dizone 250mg Tablet (Disulfiram)



About the brand call of the drug:

Dizone 250mg is a pill used in the treatment of chronic alcoholism ( huge quantity of intake of alcohol affecting mental and health situations). It discourages the use of alcohol and does not cure alcoholism. Dizone 250mg is currently being synthetic by way of Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India. These capsules are marketed inside the USA below the logo name Antabuse. It is available in a spherical fashioned white-colored tablet with INR 25.

About the drug:

Dizone 250mg is used to treat persistent alcoholism. It is taken orally with water. It’s therapeutic impact is because of its lively element i.E. Disulfiram. Disulfiram need to not be commenced except a patient has stopped alcohol for 12 hours. The initial dose is 500mg every day for 2 weeks while the renovation dose is 250mg given every day.

The strip generally consists of 10 drugs. These are usually round-formed and white-colored. There are alternative manufacturers that comprise the same quantity of Disulfiram:

• Esperal 250 mg- Manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

• Deadict 250 mg- Manufactured by using Psychotropics India Ltd.

• Sufital 250 mg- Manufactured through Talent Healthcare.

• Quit 250mg- Manufactured via Nukind Healthcare Ltd.

About the salt of the drug:

Disulfiram is the energetic salt content material of the given medication and is accountable for the therapeutic properties of the drug. It offers aid to the treatment of persistent alcoholism by causing an acute sensitivity in the direction of ethanol. It is an inhibitor of the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme. It causes unsightly effects even if a small amount of alcohol is fed on. The results start within 10 mins of alcohol ingestion and last for an hour.

Medical uses of the drug:

Apart from providing a aid in the remedy of persistent alcoholism, Dizone is utilized in various different diseases:

• This remedy is used in conjunction with counseling to aid treatment of alcoholism.

• Mood issues related to persistent alcoholism.

• Alcohol Dependence – out of control ingesting and preoccupation with alcohol.

Working of the drug:

Dizone 250 mg exerts its movement through Disulfiram. Disulfiram interferes with the manner our body metabolizes alcohol. Alcohol get metabolized into aldehyde. Acetaldehyde in addition metabolizes to acetic acid in the presence of the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. Disulfiram blocks the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and hence constructs up acetaldehyde tiers in the body. High acetaldehyde stages react with alcohol and cause unsightly signs like

• flushing of face

• headache

• nausea

• vomiting

chest ache

• sweating

Side results:

Dizone 250mg is related to a big range of facet outcomes.

• Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Acne

• Bradycardia- peculiar heartbeats

• Metallic/ garlic-like flavor

• Rashes and swelling – face, tongue and throat.

• Seizures

• Hepatitis – inflammation in liver cells.

• Muscle weakness

• Confusion

• Tingling of legs and arms

• Vision modifications

• Impotence- decreased sexual capability

If the side consequences get worse, straight away contact the health practitioner.

How to use:

Follow all the instructions given by your doctor to avoid useless complications:

• Follow the dosing regimen prescribed by your physician

• Dizone preliminary dosage: 500 mg is taken once a day.

• The drug needs to be persisted once the affected person develops self-control

• Swallow this tablet absolutely with water, juice or smooth beverages.

• If not able to swallow, crush it and mix it with water or juice.

• Seek emergency scientific treatment or seek advice from a health practitioner in case of overdose.

Drugs that can be regarded to engage with this medicine:

Below are a number of the drug interactions usually determined with Dizone 250mg:

• Warfarin – this medicinal drug increases the impact of warfarin and hence increases bleeding.

• Phenytoin( antiepileptic drugs ) : Dizone will increase the blood stages of phenytoin in the body

• Isoniazid: increase huge adjustments in intellectual status.

• Liquid form of Ritonavir: it carries alcohol and reasons an intense response with disulfiram.

• Intranasal cocaine: Dizone will increase cocaine inside the blood and cause an increase in poisonous consequences.

When to keep away from taking this drug:

There are many situations wherein you ought to keep away from taking Dizone 250mg as it could result in headaches:

• Allergy- if you have any sensitivity reactions in the direction of the composition of Dizone 250 mg, it’s miles constantly really helpful to avoid taking this remedy.

• Avoid all alcohol drinks or alcohol-containing merchandise. Otherwise, it could cause headaches, dizziness, intellectual confusion etc.

• Dizone 250 mg is contraindicated in the ones laid low with heart sickness

• Dizone 250 mg is contraindicated in those affected by mental problems like psychosis

• Alcohol: unsafe, might also worsen the facet consequences.

Things to avoid even as taking this drug:

Always do not forget to avoid the following stated objects:

• Alcohol consumption: it’s far risky as it will worsen the aspect effects of the medication.

• Avoid sauces, vinegar, and alcohol-containing merchandise: may get worse signs and symptoms.

• Inform the medical doctor about any other capsules you’re taking to keep away from harmful interactions.

General information:

• Always use Dizone 250 mg after the scientific session when you consider that it’s far an alcohol abuse inhibitor

• Take the Megalis 10mg Tablet  exactly once a day only.

• Inform your medical doctor approximately any sort of disturbances the affected person experience when taking this drug

• Do now not regulate the dosage unless counseled via your medical doctor

• Can take with any meals except alcohol-containing products

• Do no longer breathe the fumes of paint, thinner or varnish.


• Pregnancy- Dizone 250 mg have proven detrimental effects on duplicate studies on the animal fetus and limited study on humans. It is hence unsafe and must be averted.

• Lactation- restrained human data advise that the drug could represent giant damage to the fetus. Hence, it isn’t always advisable to take the drug throughout lactation length.

• Alcohol consumption is normally now not endorsed whilst taking this medication

• Driving and operating heavy machinery- avoid those activities considering they are able to cause dizziness precipitated accidents.

• Organs: liver and kidneys are affected the most. This remedy decreases the liver and kidney functioning inside the body.


This drug must be stored beneath the right situations that allow you to keep the balance :

• Do now not maintain this medicine close to warmness as it may result in degradation. The recommended garage temperature 20-25 degrees Celsius.

• To prohibit the entry of moisture, hold the drugs in tightly closed packing

• Keep them far from the reach of kids and pets: place it in a secure place.

• Expired Tadagra 20mg Tablet have to be disposed of properly and not to be flushed.

• Direct sunlight isn’t always suitable for this remedy


030 tablets, 060 tablets, 090 tablets, 120 tablets, 240 tablets


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